After School Club

Following a hard day at school, our trained staff are on hand to keep them safe and provide a range of fun activities for the children.

We provide a wide variety of toys and games to play, as well as preparing exciting and creative arts and crafts for the children to participate in. There are also books to read and movies to watch if the child wants to just unwind and relax.

It can be a long time for the children between lunchtime at school and having tea when they get home, so our staff always provide a light snack during after School Club to keep them going.

Our snacks can include sandwiches, wraps, crackers and sometimes something a bit different like pasta, fish fingers or pizza. Fresh drinks are always on hand throughout the session.

The children are separated into age/year areas, which helps us to provide more catered and age specific activities for that group of children.

The session starts at the end of the school day and we are open until 6pm.

After School Club is priced at £8 per session for each child.